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'What could possibly go wrong?'

Episode #8255
Past the neon sign, the first thing you notice is that the room is dimly lit, but the lights are actually on in this abode. He rings the bell on the counter.

A long half minute goes by awkwardly.

She's about to give up but instead is interrupted by the sound of two doors opening, which might as well have been a gunshot given how quiet the area was. Two sets of heeled shoes are thumping on the carpet, out of sight from the left and right. Soon a pair of eerily similar women arrive at the counter.

"Your invitation?" the couple the hear in stereo.

He pulls out sealed letter. The women are too tall for their faces to be seen at the counter, but their donned robes do a terrible job of hiding the size of their breasts. It's hard not to stare until she give him a jab on the side. Hers are nothing to scoff at either, but perhaps due to the time, he'd been taking her for granted.

"Come on in, sir. You've been expected." The two beckon in stereo. One of the hits a button, prompting a buzzer. The other opens the door, holding it backwards.

Peeking through, the layout is like a doctor's office, but with dimmer lighting and a few notable changes. The walls here are hardwood and add an old style ambiance. A vase sits in on a marble table in a concave area of the wall with a single rose inside. Down to the left, there are a number of doors with various labels. The right leads to a set of stairs.

"Feel free to explore before meeting the master on the second floor," the one at the desk says.

"I think you'll find the selection of amenities to be quite satisfying for your needs," the one by the door says.

He looks at his lover in the eyes. She's nervous but will follow your lead. You get the feeling that this is your last chance to leave.

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Rated: G     Author: funkduder
Sep 02, 2017   18:04