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You start to leave

Episode #8256
Everything about this situation raises a red flag. The sunset, the broken glass. He doesn't care that the shrink knew this person because he didn't know him.

"Yeah. Let's go. Let's do a real spa instead."

"I heard of a place in Japan that's offering a deal on a legendary healing spa in the mountains," she suggests.

"That sounds great!"

"Wait. I didn't say that."

The two of them turn around, and are shocked by what they see. Red ponytails poking out of a helmet. Leather jacket, jeans, and a punk rock t-shirt. She looks exactly like her, but she's standing right beside you.

"It's cruel to leave such a shady place with another woman. It breaks my heart"


"YOU'RE THE FUCKING BITCH!" The one by the store starts running and it's quickly a catfight.

She was always a good fighter. At times, I thought the hours we spent together at the gym was just an excuse to spend time with her, but she's pretty serious about this stuff.

He's looking at the two of them more closely. Even the shape of their curves are similar. That ass was never finer, but now there's two of them.

And they're fighting over him....

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Rated: R     Author: funkduder
Sep 04, 2017   02:57