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He meets her, but so does she...

Episode #8259
Door number 1 was a supply closet. The embarrassing exchange after that was erased from memory, but it somehow ended in refusing a tour of the facilities. He dragged her along by the arm around the corner, only to fall back after bumping into someone.

She was fairly short. He could see her being able to stand only to his chest, but there was something about her. Maybe it was the way her auburn hair fell behind her; it was thick, but still smooth-looking and well maintained. Maybe it was her chest, which pushed against her blouse so that it held tightly into her long skirt. Maybe it was the way her eyes called out to you.

"Ah, I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was ..." she stops entranced by the sight of you, or maybe it's something else...

His wife looked at her with a face either described as pure lust or absolute horror, as he glanced over. They were the same person, right down to the laced heels and white gloves. For a spa, it was overdressed, but here, it was something even stranger.

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Rated: G     Author: funkduder
Sep 03, 2017   20:13