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Episode #8266
He moves to the hood of his car to get a better seat to watch them fight it out. 'Now if only there were popcorn...'

But he watches the show anyways. The girl on the left roundhouse kicks her in the face.

She spits blood and tosses the helmet and her jacket. "Now I'm mad" she says and runs up to her, ducking the next kick and pushing her off balance. She goes in hard, but doesn't want to end up on the ground so she grab for her shirt instead, aiming to punch her in the ribs into the ground before stomping on her.

It backfires as the shirt tears from the force. As she sees her stumbling back, she takes a moment to think and in a moment of genius takes off her belt. Now she has a hard whip with a metal end.

As she gets up she sees the flash of light reflecting off metal, and dodges back instinctively as the belt buckle misses once. Twice, and then clips her on the back as she spins around before she hears a thump. She hit the ground at the same time as her, but for two different reasons.

As she takes off her pants, she realized how bad of an idea it was to take off her belt, but at least she wasn't punished for tripping over her pants.

He looks at the two of them. One with a ripped shirt, open jacket, and no pants. The other without the jacket, pants on but now she's remove her bra. The clip seemed to have been dents by the belt buckle.

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Rated: X     Author: funkduder
Sep 05, 2017   00:17