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Things get woozy

Episode #8271
You toast and drink to "long marriages and a happy new life" before drinking. Your mind wanders off as suddenly you feel out of body -- out of mind. The room spins in a way you didn't think it... *thunk*

Her heels hit the floor like a hammer as she makes tidal waves in the ground. Long dark hands rise from the waves to drag you under a sea of women. Their beautiful, but they look hungrier than sharks. The light dims. It darkens curves and turns her into a silhouette of the beautiful woman you know. Her form blossoms and splits surrounds you. You're taken under, deep into the sea until it begins to feel chilling, as though for being her, they're cold, lifeless...

You wake up to the cold strapped down and naked. The table is already starting to move out of some sort of machine via conveyor belt. You look down at your breasts and you try to remember, but you can't. Your slender arms, your long legs. These are the traits that make you and define you now. Your twin sisters join you and begin to loosen the straps and assign you to your next task.


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Rated: X     Author: funkduder <funkduder @ gmail · com>
Sep 13, 2017   06:45