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Battle of the Tit Queens IV

Episode #8278
The titfight between those two Queens raged on and on. They slam their breasts together head on, they swing them against each other in perfect sync to increase the impact to the max when their left boobs collide and continue to twist their upper bodies until their right breasts had their last contact, only to reverse this movement over and over again.

About 30 Minutes ago their dialogue was quite... spirited. They insulted everything about their counterpart's pair they could think of to the point where they got so mad that they even paused their titfight and bashed their foreheads together to argue nose to nose and of course with incredible mushroomed boobs. The fact that they poked each others breasts roughly with their forefingers while they tried to "explain" each other that their own pair is FAR superior didnt help that.

"BITCH YA ssssagggy pair isnt ewwven worth mentioning wwwhen compared to MY s-sssuperior chest." was the hissing assertion of one Matsumoto.

"Theee ONLY thing ssssuperior is how fffflabby your udders are compared to mmmine you SLUT" was the snarling reply of the other.

"FUCKING WHORE" this time they spoke in unison.

*This was a short part of their argument of course heavy translated*

After their heated battle at the beginning and the equally heated argument both Matsumoto's seem to slowly get rid of their tipsiness since she basically isnt really human anymore and of course also a Grandmaster at drinking. But her thoughts werent *What am I doing or who is this?* No, they knew EXACTLY what was going on and the clearer their heads got the more they wanted to fight and win to show this bitch which one of them is the real Tit Queen. Even though Matsumoto was normally a lighthearted person... this time there was no love, no friendliness and no joking. Her pride and her title was on the line, so she's gonna show this copycat the ropes... is what both Matsumoto's thought.

And with this they bumped each other and seperated, trying to glare holes in the eyes of her rival and after a short moment they furiously started to fight again as if they got the signal to start again.
Back to head on bumping and slamming from left to right. But the intensity rose a few hundred levels. They both went silent since everything was said to know that there wasnt a verbal solution. The room was filled with the sound of hard hitting flesh.
SMACK CLASH SLAP BASH and of course with catty insults all the way.

Neither Matsumoto was in a lot of pain or exhausted. They are highly trained Shinigami's and they have been through countless battles, so they are also used to pain and how to ignore it.
So their pokerface wasnt really hard to maintain since they both didnt want to show any sign of pain or disadvantage to her rival.

Still kneeling on the bed but now they changed tactics when their breasts were aligned head on. They both pushed themselves into each other until their large breasts had nowhere to mushroom anymore, then they started to grind. They brought their own hands behind their own heads to further trust out their chests. Frustrated that this bitch mirrored her perfectly they clenched their teeths and the grind-off was on. Since they didnt sweat much it was dry skin they smeared across each other and the fact that they shoved their upper bodies together further increased the friction. Sometimes their breasts got stuck between them but they roughly pushed through with the determination to win this fight at all costs.

"Fake copycat BITCH, I'll show you what a real titfight looks like!" snarled one matsumoto through her clenched teeth.

" Oh really? Then you better start fighting already WHORE!" hissed the other matsmoto back through clenched teeth as well.

The fight was on! And it wasnt a sexy friendly titfight before your usual sexfight. It was a Tit-War between two Queens!

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Rated: R     Author: Ragna
Sep 25, 2017   11:48