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The Healer of Hoshido

Episode #8332
After a long battle alongside her siblings. Sakura and her siblings set up camp for the night. Sakura was just coming back from healing the injured soldiers when she overheard her siblings.

Hinoka - Those Nohrians sure did put up a fight but luckily we had you with us brother.

Takumi - Sakura did almost got herself killed. It was a good thing you were around at that time brother.

Ryoma - You all held your own very well out there. I am very proud to call you my siblings.

Takumi - Well...Sakura may be a little too soft to fight...

After hearing this an upset Sakura ran off to a nearby clearing in the forest.

Sakura - I-I'm a burden on everyone. I'm...just too...weak. I-I want to become stronger. I want to be of help to big brother and...everyone.

While pondering how to improve herself Sakura---

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Rated: G     Author: Downsign
Oct 07, 2017   21:28