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Fate has brought us here.

Episode #8339
Sakura - W-Who is there!? C-Come on out!

After yelling at whatever was in the forest it seemed to retreat deeper into the woods.

Sakura - (Whatever it is it seems to be heading to camp...Wait! It c-could be an assassin! I-I have to stop it!)

Sakura proceeded to chase after this mysterious figure. It didn't take long or far for her to catch up to it and which she tackled it too the ground.

Sakura - AHHH! The assassin's got me! G-GET OFF ME!


After rolling around for a bit Sakura managed to kick off the other Sakura and the both scrambled a short distance before getting back up and looked back at each other.

Sakura - E-Ehh! Y-You look just like me!

They both said in unison.

Sakura This is weird...who are you?

Sakura I-I'm Sakura...who are you?

Sakura I'm the REAL Sakura so you must be an imposter?

Sakura N-No I'm the REAL Sakura!

Both Sakuras clearly getting agitated at the other one. They decide to---

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Rated: G     Author: Downsign
Oct 07, 2017   22:01