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Yellow Beauty Part II

Episode #8389
"What the hell" Yang said as the light faded, again hearing her own echo in the creepy building. When her eyes had adjusted she noticed two things: Her weapons were gone and she was staring at an exact copy of herself.

"Who are you?!" The Yangs said in unison. "Me? Im Yang Xiao long proud member of team RWBY and Huntress extraordinaire" one Yang said confidently. "Well that's interesting considering I'm Yang Xiao Long of Team RWBY!" The other yang said with equal confidence. The two huntresses thrust their impressive chests out. though they didn't say it they both caught the other checking her out " Interesting " the Yangs thought.

What do the Yangs do?

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Rated: PG     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Nov 01, 2017   02:15