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Strip Tease fight?

Episode #8392
"She doesn't know what she's getting into messing with me like this. But damn shes hot!" The twin Yangs think slowly getting turned on by the series of events unfolding before her.

"I May have missed my night on the town but maybe I can have some fun with her and put her in her place " The two Yangs thought.

"I don't know where you came from bitch but you can't go around looking like me" One of the Yangs said.

"I was wondering the same thing, you see it isn't just looks that make me who I am I happen to have the skills to prove it." The other Yang said with a wink.

"I think I know what those skills are but they're nowhere as good as the ones I, the real Yang, have unless you want to prove me wrong." She responded.

"Gladly bitch, it won't take much to prove anyways." She said as grabbed a chair from a desk and slid it behind the other Yang, taking her legs out from under her and slamming into the seat.

The standing Yang then began a sexy dance, rotating her hips and grabbing her breasts. Both Yangs were beginning to get excited at the prospect of a what was to come. As she swayed she began pulling off her combat uniform starting with her leathers, she freed her breasts from the gear and showed off to her counterpart through her yellow shirt. Next she started sliding her belt all the way down her long thick legs and waving her large ass in front of her doppelganger. The Yang in the chair reached out and groped her ass feeling its equal parts strong and soft. The stripping Yang began showing off parts of her new yellow lingerie, she began slowly and soon was taking off her shirt revealing her large breasts cupped in a sexy yellow bra and taking off her tights to reveal a tight, sexy yellow thong.

"Like what you see?" The now nearly naked yang asked in a sexy voice. "I was wondering if anyone would like my new playtime outfit, turns out I like it a lot." She responded as she got wetter and wetter.

The standing Yang continued her routine with a lap dance. Soon the sitting Yang couldn't take it anymore. " She's good but I think I should show her where she should sit..

The sitting Yang put her hands around the her lap dancing counterparts waist as she grinded  her ass into her partners crotch, exciting the both of them. The sitting Yang in one swift move stood up and threw the other Yang onto the seat.

"Your turn" the now standing Yang said slyly. The sitting Yang merely smiled and spread her legs for the coming show. The now standing Yang repeated all the others Yang's moves nearly perfectly until the two were down to their new lingerie. The now standing Yang grinded her ass into her counterparts crotch driving them both crazy.

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Rated: X     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Nov 01, 2017   02:59