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Yellow Beauty Part III

Episode #8395
The two Yangs still checking each other out couldn't deny the lust they had for the other. The two closed in meeting in the middle of the room and began gently poking and prodding each other. They continued inspecting each other while quizzing each other on different aspects of their life. "Where did we attend school?" "Beacon" , "Who is my favorite teacher?", "Professor Oobleck". The questions continued until it was clear that they both had the same set of memories. "If you have the same set of memories that I do" one Yang said, "Then you know that I like my mirror very much" the other responded. A look of sheer lust engulfed the Blondes as they began a wrestling match, with their tongues.

The two Beauties began a steamy make out session as they rubbed their bodies together. Their large breasts collided and mushroomed against each other. They could feel their hard nipples through the the fabric of their clothes. they were so close their stomachs met and their crotches ground together. They broke apart to begin removing their gear but to their surprise the mirror Grimm had once again surrounded the two and created another flash of light.

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Rated: R     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Nov 24, 2017   05:50