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Lust burns gold

Episode #8397
The now sitting Yang couldn't control herself anymore and the standing Yang couldn't hold it in any longer either. It was apparent that neither one was a better stripper than the other and their soaked thongs showed it.

At the same time the sitting Yang stood up and the standing yang embrace her with a rough kiss. their tongues jammed into each others mouths and explored about while the Yangs had their own exploration going on between them. They groped each other, kneading their breasts and grabbing handfuls of ass.

"Her tongue is good and her body is amazing, This is way better than heading out hoping to score. Hmm, her or well my ass is especially tasty" The Yangs thought while wrestling tongues. They each took both their hands and grabbed thick chunks off ass flesh while pulling each other into an embrace eliciting a moan of pleasure from their connected mouths. at the same time they roughly moved their thighs into their twins crotches and began grinding on them. The warm and wet feeling coming from between their legs as they grinded only turned them on more and increased their vigor.

It wasn't long before their yellow bras slid down revealing more of their large orbs as well as letting their hard nipples poke through. This gave the Yangs an Idea.

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Rated: X     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Nov 01, 2017   03:16