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Busty lusty predicament

Episode #8401
With their tits partially exposed the Yangs have an Idea. What they failed to notice was that as they were both perfect copies so were their breasts and Yang has a unique pair of breasts that no one really knows about. Her left nipple was sticking out like normal but her right nipple was inverted.

The Yangs being to preoccupied forgot about this fact and rammed their chests together. the feeling of breast on breast felt amazing until they they felt a peculiar pinching on their nipples. They both looked down to see that the left nipple from one yang had entered the other Yang's inverted right nipple and the same thing happened to the other breast. The Yangs didn't pay too much mind as their bodies were overcome with the waves of pleasure from the interesting situation they found themselves in. they began separating their breast just to feel the tug of the others nipples on them only to squish them back together. The feeling sent more waves through them. They continued their previous grope session with even more vigor with the occasional separation to tug at their now fucking nipples. They would separate and squish their whole bodies together by slamming their pelvises into each other and continue to make out.

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Rated: X     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Nov 01, 2017   03:30