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Party of one

Episode #8411

"Hey good lookin"

"Nice hair"

"Good looks"

"Great ass"

A chorus of compliments began flying between the Yangs as they began comfortably settling in their situation and gravitating slowly closer together. "I think we can see that we may have a party to attend tonight, don't we ladies." The Yangs all said at once. The only response they got was the sound of soft lips meeting identical lips as the ten Yangs began making out with their nearest clone. Soon the Yangs had stripped each other of all clothing save for their sexy new yellow lingerie. They took a second to admire the multitude of busty blondes all showing off for each other before hastily grabbing the nearest clone and helping her out of her clothes. Now all the Yangs naked and writhing in a see of flesh and limbs began the party they had been looking forward to all day.

Yangs were on the bed scissoring gently rubbing clit against clit and moaning with pleasure while next to them another set of Yangs were furiously slamming their pussies together and ravishing each other's magnificent breast. on the ground three Yangs were in a triangle gloriously lapping at the wet cunts of their counterparts. The last two Yangs were feverishly making out before stopping, getting on all fours and rubbing their thick asses together. Side to side and up and down they rubbed reveling in the feeling of soft skin on soft skin.

All the Yangs were moaning uncontrollably from the immense pleasure they were getting and give. Cries of "Im Cumming!" and "Oh my God!" Were drowned out by a sea of familiar voices.

During all their fun they realized they had been staying with the same partner for too long and began switching Yangs. It wasn't long before the Yangs had been through multiple orgasms but they couldn't get enough of the sweet attention they gave each other. What the Yangs hadn't noticed was that during their orgy they had slowly formed a circle. Each Yang looked up to see her own ass looking back at her as well as a swollen pussy dripping with juices. They all grabbed the closest ass and began devouring their identical pussies. This resulted in a daisy chain of Yangs all laying on their sides, head between thighs and filling their mouths with their sweet nectar. The muffled moans sounded around the room as they all became progressively rougher with their treatment. They stayed in this state for several orgasms before they all collapsed in a large circle in the room.

Covered with sweat and each others cum the Yangs panted with fulfilled exhaustion. "That was great" they all said at once between labored breaths.   

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Nov 02, 2017   02:43