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Episode #8412
The Yangs stood around the room, quietly eyeing up their counterparts until one Yang said something under her breath that just happened to be too loud. "I didn't know there was a Grimm that could make fakes out of thin air." Two Yangs heard her, "What do you mean created fakes out of thin air? If anything you're the fake here!" the Yangs said in tandem. The two looked at each other with annoyance. Other Yangs overheard the commotion and joined in. Soon all the Yangs were yelling over each other with each claiming to be the real Yang and all the others were fakes.

The group started getting heated. "These bitches, they're all fakes, each and every one" the Yangs all thought to themselves. It would be tough but each Yang thought she could take out the nine other copies of herself. That was until she realized that her weapons had disappeared. It would have been tough with Amber Cilica but without it her confidence waned.

The Yangs, enraged by the others all come up with the same plan.

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Rated: R     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Jan 02, 2018   06:29