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A cookie for your thoughts?

Episode #8434
"Hmmm this is weird, is she some kind of Grimm or something else. If she really is me then there is one way to get lower her guard" the Rubys thought. At the same time they both reached to their ammo case slowly as not to startle the other. "I always keep a reserve just for emergency situations" They thought. In their ammo belt they did not pull out a weapon but a perfectly baked chocolate chip cookie. It was Ruby's reserve cookie strictly for missions. They both saw the cookie in the outstretched hand and slowly inched closer. When they met they both grabbed the other's cookie and cautiously took a bite. It tasted exactly the same as her usual batch. They wolfed the cookie down with a delighted sigh and relaxed.

"I'm uh Ruby Rose" One Ruby said while holding her hand out. "I'm uh also Ruby Rose" The other one responded with a quick handshake. The two giggled. "You have some crumbs on your cheek" they both said moving closer together and brushing off the crumbs from each others face. They took this moment to closely inspect her double from her hair and face to her tight body and clothes. Her womanhood began to heat up again as she did when she looked in the mirror." Maybe I am a little vain after all' the thought flashed through their heads. The two blushed and backed up when they noticed each other. "Soooo where do you think crescent rose went?" They asked each other at the same time. "It might have been moved during the flash of light" one Ruby suggested. "Let's check the room" the other said.

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Rated: PG     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Nov 04, 2017   05:24