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Shedding Rose

Episode #8444
"It's pretty warm by this fire. Maybe I should help you out of this combat uniform" They said to each other. Their only response was a soft giggle as they helped each other out of their clothes. Now sitting by the fire in only a red bra, red panties and stockings they girls continued their exploration. Their hands traveled down each others sides, inspecting their hips while maintaining eye contact. She never realized how beautiful her silver eyes were. As their hands drifted lower they both grabbed the others firm, perky ass. This was the last straw as they brought their lips together for a passionate kiss. They were both inexperienced and awkward with their tongues but they found themselves to be gentle and inviting.

Still locked in a kiss the girls made their way to the bed where one ruby pushed the other onto it. With a smile the standing Ruby fell onto the bed and did a handstand and a twist landing on the other side of Ruby. The laying Ruby look into the eyes of the inverted Ruby above her. She stuck out her tongue and made it flat while the other Ruby did the same. Their tongues met, slid off each other, and licked their chins. They continued to french kiss while moving their hands hands down their stockings and panties and began rubbing their pussies. When they separated the Ruby on top moved up and soon they were face too face in each others red bras. They helped each other unhook revealing their perky orbs. They were immediately face first in the others breast sucking on nipples and kneading them. They continued to rub their own pussies as the waves of pleasure washed over them. the top Ruby moved up yet again until she was facing a hand gently rubbing away at her own pussy, the bottom Ruby saw the same sight. Their hands exited the area while they both helped each other out of their stockings and panties, the top Ruby fell to the side to make it easier.. The girls were now completely naked in each others presence and now looked forward to the prospect of each other's dripping pussy. The rammed their tongues into each other letting out a muffled cry as they used their mouths to get every drop they could from each other. They lapped and licked knowing each of their own weak points they soon climaxed together.

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Rated: X     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Nov 04, 2017   06:39