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Ruby's Ruby Red strap-on

Episode #8453
Each Ruby made a move for the red strap-ons closest to them in hopes of surprising her copy. They took a moment to don the strap-on, tightening the belts around their hips. They turned to face the other. They were both surprised to see the other displaying the same red attachment. "Well its nice that we have two but why do you have one if your on bottom" they said at the same time. The mood went cold for a second as they registered what the other has said. Both wanted to be on top.

It took only a second before they were on top of the bed trying to push the other down and enter them. Each time one would nearly succeed the other would foil them and turn the tides. Both wanted to make the other cum and assert their dominance, whether that was a primal feeling from meeting an equal or something else, they both developed a slight hatred for the others defiance.

They were both worn out by now from their previous fun and their resistance to each other faded fast. It wasn't long before Ruby successfully knocked down Ruby and slid her long red member into her still wet pussy. She began pumping with authority "Told you that you wouldn't need that toy" she said with a smile. "D-Don't think that I-I'll take this without a F-Fight." the Ruby being penetrated said between labored breaths. Before she came from the fucking she gathered her strength and turned the tables on her copy. She entered the still dripping cunt of the clone that moments before was fucking her with authority. "Now who needs the toy, huh" The mounted Ruby said with a lusty grin. She began to pump as vigorously as she had been fucked moments ago. "W-We'll see about T-That" The Ruby being mounted said while panting hard. She almost came before she gathered her strength and broke out of her predicament. The two Rubys fought back and forth almost cumming but not giving the other the satisfaction of making her cum.

Eventually they entered a stalemate where neither could push the other down. The hatred they fostered toward the other had grown. Now they only wanted to dominate the girl before her. They were both warriors and they had learned how to save some energy for emergency bursts. They both called that strength forward and gave a strong push at the same time. This resulted in knocking them both back onto the bed, with their quick eye and wits they noticed an opening and took it.

The way they had fallen was an interesting predicament. They were both lying on the bed opposite each other, with one having her bottom pointed toward the others bottom, legs were on either side framing their partners back. The two girls weren't facing each other and didnt know if the other had noticed her pussy facing directly at hers. They each slowly took their red toy and aimed it at the others exposed pussy. In one move they scooted to each other penetrating the other at the same time. A gasp escaped them at the same time as they realized what had just happened. She decided that she need to out fuck her double if she wanted to show dominance. The began pumping into each other red shaft grinded against red shaft as the back of their thighs slapped together with each pump. Together they fucked each other throwing angry glances at each other and weak swears (She's not good at swearing at other people OK) . Soon they were close to cumming but their defiance of each other wouldn't allow them too no matter how much they may enjoy it.

" OOh god its so good, but why do I hate her so much? She is me and I am her. Why should I hate her, why should I dominate her?" The thoughts of their past love making flowed into their heads. At the same time they slowed their mutual banging and looked at each other with regret and reconciliation in their eyes. Their eyes met and they understood the other. They fucked with passion instead of hatred and soon were about to cum. Their cries at climax were soft and gentle. The two Ruby's kneeled on the bed face to face. "I'm sorry" they both said as they kissed passionately, bringing their perky breasts together and rubbing their nipples against each other. The undid the strap-ons they had on and ground their nether regions together, still kneeling on the bed. Their hips began to sway, grind and bang together. Still in the others embrace they came and collapsed onto the bed.

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Rated: X     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Nov 05, 2017   05:46