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White is cold

Episode #8464
A small spider Grimm had stealthily landed on her and took a bite. The bite was so small that she didn't notice. What she did notice was the strange sensation that made its way through her body. A dull headache began forming in her skull fueling the agitation she already had. The headache grew until it was splitting migraine. Her vision went blank as she began screaming in pain. The pain slowly subsided and her vision returned. "What the hell was that?" She asked herself hearing double. Weiss turned her head to the other voice and noticed another head had grown on her shoulders. "AHHHHH" She began screaming as each used the arm on their side of the body to push the other head away. They began to feel a sharp pain run through their chest. They began to separate at the point between their two necks, their clothes didn't rip but separated as well. Eventually their torso split and regrew what they had lost. Now there were two Weiss torsos sharing the same lower body. Now with both arms free they began to fight. "Fuck OFF bitch!" They both yelled followed by extensive swearing. Neither one could gain enough leverage over the other and they were so engrossed in their fighting they didn't notice their hips had separated and each had grown their own legs, as well as a weapon.

The now completely separated Weiss' broke apart form their fight and drew their weapons. What they didn't realize was their weapons had been completely covered in web by the spider Grimm and when they drew their weapons completely disintegrated.

"Damn IT!" They said at the same time. Neither was familiar with hand to hand combat and was not willing to make a mistake against her opponent. They stared at each other with a cold gaze. "Who are you and where did you come from?!", "I'm Weiss Schnee heir to the Schnee Dust company" They both said with conviction. Anger flared within them. "There can be only one heiress to the Schnee Dust company" One Weiss said. "Of course and it'll be me!" the other Weiss responded. They eyed each other up, they searched for some form of imperfection in the other but couldn't find a single one. It was hard to not notice their own sexy form standing in front of them, they had often gotten hot and bothered if they spent too much time in the mirror looking at themselves. They both caught the other staring at their decently sized breasts.

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Rated: R     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Nov 06, 2017   01:35