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Episode #8478
The two fell to the ground and lined up their aching womanhood. Their pussies once again gravitated toward each other and began grinding their clits together. They each grabbed the bra that the other had and pulled themselves together to once again make out, but this time they could taste each others cum in their mouths. Their battle continued as they wrapped their legs around their enemy locking them in place. They grinded together harder than they had with anyone else. It wasn't long before they were again close to cumming, again feeling they could turn the tides on the other they both made the same move. They ripped the bra off the other with one hand and started pinching and twisting the nipple of their counterpart.  This last action pushed them over the edge and they came together again.

If anyone asked either Weiss’s honest opinion they would admit that this was the hardest they had came for anyone in their entire lives, which was surprising given that while yes she had slept with many women before Weiss had never had any actual lesbian tendencies...not that she would call herself a lesbian now as this was more like an extreme form of masterbation in her mind or at least that is what she kept telling herself as they continued their endevour to outsex their double, after their second mutual orgasm they would grudgingly admit now that the other Weiss was not in anyway inferior to them.

“Ooooohhhh!” The Weiss’s moaned in muffled satisfaction into their doubles mouth feeling the stiff clit of their double penetrate their vagina like it was a man’s cock, releasing the others breasts they allowed them to mash together squishing like balloons with no space as their left hand entangled in the others hair while their right made it way down to their others backside and penetrated their other from behind with their fingers getting an even louder lustful muffle “Ooooohhhhhhhh!

“Mmmhhh!Mmmmmhhhhhh!Mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh!” The Weiss’s cried out despite being in a muffled lustful French kiss as they penetrated each other from both front and behind. This lasted moments before the mounting pressure became to much and the Weiss’s came nearly a hundred times harder then they had moments before.

Exhausted the two released their hands and flopped back to lay down only to realise they couldn’t, infact just by attempting it they cause severe pain in their breasts. Looking down panic swarmed the Weiss’s face as she saw not only had her breasts seemed to have merged with her double but from what she could see and definitely feel her vagina had merged with her doubles too.

“Oh god please this can’t be happening!” The Weiss mutters only to have her attention drawn to her double who had muttered the exact same thing as her in perfect synch. Eyes locking on each other Weiss feels an emotion building rapidly and that emotion was.....

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Oct 22, 2018   22:23