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There is only one Crescent Rose!

Episode #8506
The Eight Rubys were all eyeing each other up before they noticed they didn't have their only weapon. They weren't good with hand to hand combat so they needed their weapon if they wanted to overcome their copies. They noticed Crescent Rose sitting on the bed with their cloak and boots. "I won't fall for this Grimm trap, bring it on!" They all yell getting angry that the other seven dare call herself, the original, part of some Grimm trap.

At once they all made a move to the bed in an attempt to get Crescent Rose. The girls slammed into each other as they all tried to trip the others. Legs, arms, breasts, and asses collided in a jumble of red and black clothing. They began pulling, pushing, punching, and kicking their duplicates in hopes they would get to the weapon first.

Slowly as a group they made their way across the room to the weapon on the bed. As they moved they began to disrobe the others through their constant violence slowly revealing their red bras and their red panties covered in ripped tights. They continued to attack each other, punching and scratching the others to get at the weapon.

At once they all grabbed the folded weapon and began tugging on it. One of them must have hit a button because the weapon unfolded revealing the large scythe in all it's glory. They were now all able to get a good grip on the weapon. They pulled and pulled but never got anywhere since they all tugged with the same strength in complete opposite directions resulting in a net movement of zero.

They all continued to struggle, giving up on the idea of attacking their duplicates until they could get the weapon for themselves. They soon learned that they wouldn't get any where unless they changed tactics. The Rubys, still turned on by the view of their own forms and the previous melee had them all rubbing together, they looked at each others exposed asses. The girls made a move by releasing their left hand from the weapon and grabbed the back of the panties of the girl to the left. At once they all pulled up giving each other a massive wedgie. The sensation flowed through them startling them, hurting them, and turning them on even more. The maneuver didn't generate the intended effect and no one got an advantage over the other. 

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Rated: X     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Nov 13, 2017   05:00