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There is no Crescent Rose!

Episode #8511
The eye on the mirror opened up and laid its vision on the weapon in the middle of the group of Rubys. The eye blinked and in another bright light, the weapon was gone. The Rubys looked on at their empty hands clutching at something that wasn't there. The eight Rubys collapsed in a heap, tears forming in their eyes at the loss of their most prized possession. They each fell into each others arms taking some comfort in each others sadness. "These duplicates can't be part of a Grimm trap for me. These tears are too real" They collectively thought. Their tears were short lived as their nearly naked and beaten bodies rubbed together reigniting their former lust.

One Ruby cupped the face of the closest Ruby, "You really are me, all of you, You're not some Grimm trap, we're just ... us". As she said this the other Rubys shared her sentiment. They each cupped the face of a Ruby and brought their faces together.

All the Rubys were now sloppily making out with each other. They would spend time probing ones mouth then would switch and take it up with another Ruby. The group gravitated together soon three to four Rubys were mashing their faces together with saliva and sweat all mixed together. They didn't know why they were so vigorous with their kissing, they may have thought it as making up for their previous violence towards each other, the thought of reconciliation fueled their activities.

Their sweaty tender bodies were all rubbing together, breasts covered with red bras and soft legs all meshed together, their hands were all exploring the others, slowly helping each other out of their clothes. Soon the ground was littered with red bras, ripped tights, and red panties. Four of the girls began rubbing their breasts together, hands groping the other's soft asses. The last four were all trying to grind on each other, they shoved their thighs between each others warm crotches soon moving up and making contact with each others hot cunts.

The group formed a circle with each girl standing directly behind another. They each reached their hand around the girl in front of her and began fingering her. With the other hand they reached around and started playing with their duplicates perky breast. Cries of pleasure echoed throughout the room followed by multiple instances of "I'm gonna cum!" being drowned out by their shared pleasure. All at once they came. The Rubys took their fingers out of their copies pussies, turned around and gently put their fingers into the mouth of the girl that just pleasured her. They sucked the nectar from their copies fingers savoring the moment in the afterglow of their orgasm.

The girls were still in the mood and grabbed the girl closest to them wrapped their legs around them and ground their sexes together. Moans of pleasure filled the room as four pairs of Rubys scissored each other. With the girls in close proximity they were able to kiss the Ruby they were rubbing against and the girl right next to her, and with a show of real dexterity was able to make out with the Ruby across from her. The girls continued to rub their pussies together with moans filling the room and a warm fire still roaring they until once again came together.

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Rated: X     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Nov 14, 2017   01:26