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Time to play with Dolls

Episode #8533
Now that Operation Fearful Symmetry had begun, there was little left for Bison to do but wait for his enemies to destroy themselves.

...It was boring.

"You! Witless Minion!" He called out to one of the nearby grunts.

"Um...yes sir." Reluctant though he was to respond to being called witless, when M. Bison called for you, you answered.

"Bring one of the dolls here!" Bison demanded. "Any one will do! And one of our spare mirrors while we're at it!"

"Yes sir!" The minion replied. He took a good guess at what his boss had planned: during the initial testing stages, the dolls had been used to determine the full abilities of the mirror, as well as their copies.

It had been...most entertaining. There was little doubt in the soldiers mind that Bison had such thoughts on his mind again: a little entertainment while he waited for the results of his latest evil plan. Said minion hoped his lord would consider letting him watch.

It took only a few minutes but he found the dolls gathered in one of the recreation rooms. They all stood at attention, no doubt expect that he'd come to take them to Lord Bison.

'Now, who should I got with?' He asked himself as he looked them over. In the end, he chose:

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Nov 16, 2017   04:02