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Real Amber

Episode #8550
"STOP! STOP THAT!" This was way too much. "Aaah! just...AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" They needed to calm down and think, and that required staying still.

"....aaahhh..." They bit their lips to try and stifle the moans, trying hard to quash the powerful sensations coursing through them.

"...ok...one of us should reach for the door." One Amber said. If they could get out of the shower, they could figure out what to do next.

“Yeah...” the other Amber replied before adding “so I’ll open the door you stay still.”

The annoyed reply was instant with the left side Amber who had just spoken groaning in pain as the right hand side Amber applied pressure in their chest region saying through grit teeth “and why am I the one who is still? your obviously the clone, so be a good clone stay still and let the original get the door.”

Again the annoyed reply was instant as the left side Amber fought fire with fire causing them both to gasp before recovering first to say through grit teeth “your the clone here, I’m the original so....”

feeling her double about to push left side Amber countered by pushing back which got both ambers to moan loudly as their breasts mushroomed together before muttering “oh god I’m attracted to myself...”

The very heavy blushes that spread across their faces showed that one their last comment was meant to be internal and two that their doubles comment had definitely been heard.

Coming up with a way of how to get the ambers looked each other in the eye with a lustful look to distract each other, which wasn’t hard given the quite horny state they were in...Amber had been to busy with her cloning project to satisfy her needs and the splitting was having adverse effects on their hormones definitely when they were towards each other.

Finally getting her hand on the handle of the shower door Amber was about to end this nightmare before something unwanted happened when she felt another hand rub against her own, a loud snapping sound echoed throughout the room and Amber closed her eyes not needing to look to know what had happened when her hand had tensed at the unexpected contact ‘I knew I should have fixed that handle...’

Opening her eyes Amber looked into her doubles eyes and saw she knew the situation they were in too, they were trapped together in the rain shower barely big enough to fit one of them, what’s worse they were soaking wet given the shower was still running and quite horny from the feel of it.

The staring match didn’t last long before the ambers muttered “fuck this!” and crashed together in a passionate kiss, as the kiss turned to French kissing after the ambers moaned loudly in pleasure they entangled their bodies so much that an observer could not tell where one Amber began and the other ended.

Feeling the others smile they ended their kiss in a quite sexy lingering fashion before looking each other in the eyes again and wondering ‘I wonder if this what it would be like...’


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