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Steamy Encounter

Episode #8551
In the steamy shower, both Ambers turn towards the door and instantly get in each other's way, their arms going around each other as their generous breasts collide.

"NO! STOP THAT!" This was way too much they thought as their naked bodies slide against each other while their hardening nipples dig furrows in each other's soft breasts.

"Aaah! just...AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" They both know they need to calm down and think, and that requires staying still, but as they try to stop moving their nipples collide.

"...aaahhh..." They bit their lips to try and stifle the moans, trying hard to quash the powerful sensations coursing through them, but they don't separate.

"...damn...ahh...just one of us opens the door the other stays still." A very distracted Amber says, enjoying the sensations while worrying about what to do next.

"Yeah..." the other equally distracted Amber replied, slowly forcing her attention away from their nipples she adds "...so I’ll open the door you stay still."

But as the Amber who had spoken started to move, the other Amber stopped her by pulling her close with the arm she has draped around her. "No, ..."

Then their slippery wet naked bodies are pressing together, breasts, stomachs, hips, thighs, and erotic contact briefly shuts down the rational part of their brains. 
Both Amber's find their breathing speeding up, as they inhale together their aroused nipples stab into each other breasts, making each aware of the other's arousal.

The Amber who is waiting for her duplicate to complete her sentence tightens her arm in response and arching her back presses her hips into her doubles.
The other Amber responds identically, and without consciously choosing to, the two Amber's find themselves clutching at each other's arse's moving their bodies together.

Eyes locked, they press themselves together, breasts shove against breasts, stomach brushes against stomach, hips grind against hips, thighs rub against thighs.
They move slowly at first, gradually speeding up, as they each use others body in an attempt to sate the aching need that is building in their loins. On and on they rub...

But the angles are wrong, frustrated they each grab the other's hair with their left hands and lift the others left leg with their right arms and jam their clits together. 
So the two Ambers find their bodies intertwined in the tiny shower, furiously mashing their sexes together, their desperate need partially sated as rational thought returns.

"...you fucking clone bitch. I'm the original. I'll get the door." The Amber who stopped the other moving finally completes her sentence, while happily humping her duplicate.

"What the fuck are you talking about? You are the clone here! I’m the original! Now hold still and let me fuck you, then I'll get the door." Was the puzzled reply.

"The hell with that! You're the clone! I'm opening the door, then I'm going to fuck you into submission!" The other replies angrily, pounding her sex harder into her duplicate.

"The hell you are! I not just going to make you submit, I'm going to make you my bitch!" the other Amber answers equally angrily, pummeling her duplicate with her sex.

Both Ambers are standing on one leg, their other leg is braced against the wall and lifted over there doubles arm, which is wrapped around the leg pulling them closer.
Their other hand is gripping their doubles hair pulling with increasingly savage force, as they hammer their sexes viciously together, now mixing pleasure with pain.
Their breasts bouncing from their exertions jostle and shove distractingly each other, as precariously balanced in the small shower, they stare angrily into each other's eyes.

The ecstatic blissful feeling they had been enjoying has suddenly evaporated, as they realise they both think they are the original.
It is replaced something violent and savage, as the two extremely aroused Amber's furiously assault each other, desperate to dominate each other and prove they are original,
still close to orgasm, and still needing to come, they suddenly:

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Rated: X     Author: Vipeout
Jan 21, 2019   04:44