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Ruby 2x4

Episode #8572
A large amount of red double ended dildos spilled out of the chest. The eight Rubys all looked at the commotion and noticed the wealth of pleasure tools that have been exposed to them. A lusty smile crept on all their faces at the future prospect. The group broke into groups of two as the pairs grabbed one of their new toys.

Pairs of Rubys were soon inserting the toys into their soaked pussy's. One pair continued the scissoring session that they had started earlier. Another pair were on the hands and knees shifting back and forth, ramming their asses together and sliding their hot cunts up and down the long shaft. Another pair were on top of each other rubbing their perky breasts together, trying to attack each other with their hard nipples all the while kissing and pumping their pussies up and down the shared toy. The final two took it upon themselves to press their breasts together and double titty fuck the dildo as they slobbered over the phallus and each other. All at once the group got so vigorous with the toy that they activated its secret weapon. The toys began vibrating further stimulating the girls. Moans and cries of pleasure echoed through the room as well as the subtle sound of vibrating as the girls came, and came, and came as they switched positions with each other.

Two groups of four Rubys gathered together in a four way make out session times two. Their tongues all met at once and the edge of their lips all connected. The sound of tongue on tongue and slurping perpetrated the room. The four broke away from their kiss with four strands of saliva connected in the middle. One Ruby got on top of one of their counterparts with their asses pointing towards the other Rubys doing the same thing, the group gravitated together and brought their dildos into play. The Rubys that had their asses together slid the double dildos into their asses connecting them, the Rubys on bottom did the same, the Rubys on top and bottom also slid a double dildo into their sexes. Now all four of the Rubys were connected using four double dildos. One group turned to see what the other group was doing and noticed they were doing the same thing right next to them. Without any signal the two groups of four Rubys all began pumping into each other. Up, down, forward, and back they shifted. Moans of pleasure echoed through the room until the Rubys on top and bottom grabbed their clones faces and began viciously kissing. Waves of pleasure flowed through the Rubys as their asses clapped together and four pussies all collided as they shifted down and in. As they continued this movement they once again all triggered the vibrator function in the toys, the Rubys stopped their pumping as their asses came together and their four dripping cunts rubbed together now completely full of vibrating dildo. They Rubys looked next to each other to see the other group in the same position they were in and they were close enough that they once again entered a four way kiss session with the group next to them.

The group stayed in this position, coming multiple times before they separated and attempted a eight way make out session. They licked the double dildos clean basking in the aftermath of their incredible one girl eight way orgy.

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Rated: X     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Nov 24, 2017   05:36