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Episode #8573
The sensual rhythm of narcissistic indulgence was momentarily halted as the box of toys clattered onto the ground. The sudden noise drew the attentions of the Rubies from their immediate activities to notice that the container was filled with a plethora of strap-on dildos of various sizes and shapes. Each harness positioned the base of each of the phallic instruments to stimulate the clitoris when being used while at the same time the users' genitals were still fully accessible for further fun.

The Rubies all smiled naughtily to each other and without a word immediately piled on over to equip one of these lewd tools. Giggles and laughter echoed throughout the room as the sweaty identical women hurriedly secured their own device and fell upon each other again with renewed vigor.

The tempo of the all-Ruby orgy took on a frenetic pace as Rubies swirled and tumbled around together each trying their best employ their new attachments on as many of her duplicates as possible. What was once a languid yet passionate orgy suddenly became a whirling sexual melee as scarlet-tinged ravenously sought moist orifices to plumb or found themselves enjoying the tender mercies of another Ruby.

For each other Rubies it felt incredibly sexy and powerful to be the one using her strap-on on her twin lover. The sensation of their pelvises slamming together produced heady stimulation to all the right parts emanating from her own groin as she intimately connected with her partner. At the same time, it was a thrilling experience to be so completely filled up by another Ruby, quite different from their earlier sexual endeavors with fingers and tongues. One thing was clear that the Rubies would not stop until they all had their fill of both sensations.

Like a turbulent sea of crashing waves the Rubies broke apart and came back together in an erotic melange of sweaty lithe forms. One Ruby managed to roll another one onto her back and kissed her hungrily as she plunged her attachment into her partners inviting pussy. The duplicate Ruby below her moaned her approval as their hips worked in tandem to force the lewd instrument deeper and deeper into the Ruby below. The Ruby on top did not have long to relish her dominance as she shortly felt her own slick quim being invaded by another opportunistic Ruby. The three identical women thrusted against each other wantonly becoming drunk on the pleasure. Nearby, another two Rubies had come to grips with each other, rolling over and over each trying to take the top position. Each woman playfully wrestling as they both tried to bring their weapons to bear on each other in a sort of bawdy dildo duel.

Identical cries of pleasure, moans, and the slapping of flesh on flesh chorused throughout the room. Each Ruby was giving as good as they got as the pleasure and intensity of their orgy reached higher and higher levels

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Rated: G     Author: blueversusred
Dec 07, 2017   15:59