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Three Burning Beauties

Episode #8583
The flash of light cleared and when Yang could see again she noticed another copy had joined them. The three Yangs once again met in the middle all with hands around their waists. "I don't really know whats going on but this night just got even better!" A Yang said. "It's not everyday that I get to fuck someone as beautiful as myself" Another Yang said. "Let alone fucking another two of me" the third Yang responded.

The Yangs met in a stormy three way make out session, their tongues writhed against each other and their lips all met in a sloppy mess. Their large breasts mushroomed together as they pressed closer. A left breast met the right breast of the Yang to her left and the right breast met the left breast of the Yang to their right. Their hands slowly moved down as they drifted to their copy's crotches. They met another hand down their probably from their other partner. They began gently rubbing the ever dampening fabric of their clones nether regions. Soon the girls began helping each other out of their gear, never missing a chance to lick or kiss some newly exposed flesh. Soon the three all stood in the new yellow lingerie admiring how it looked on the busty blondes.

They picked up where they left off in a three way kissing party. Their breasts once again mushroomed together, they could feel their hard nipples poking through the bra and rubbing against their own. Their hands drifted down, each grabbing a hand full of ass cheek. Yang could feel both of her cheeks being grabbed as she herself was grabbing handfuls of ass of the girls beside her. Her hands moved around to the front of the yellow thong she wore and dove inside. she could feel how soaked her counterparts thong was as well as the hand of the third. She new the value of teamwork and worked with the other Yang to please the third. All three Yangs had their left hand in the thong to the girl to their left as well as their right hand in the the thong to the girl to her right, and noticed two hands had made their way into their own thong, all the while they continued the three way make out session and the nipple sword fight they were having as well. The girls fingered each other with deft hands, they hit all the right spots as they worked with their doppelgangers.

Their muffled moans signaled the incoming orgasm that was building was they got rougher and rougher with each other. It wasn't long before the three Yangs came. They pulled their hands out of their partners soaked thongs and began licking their fingers, enjoying the taste of each others cum in their mouths.

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Rated: X     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Nov 24, 2017   06:17