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Teamwork makes the position work

Episode #8589
The three Yangs ripped the lingerie of each other and once again met in the middle for a three way kiss. They rubbed as much of themselves as they could on each other, breast met breast and nipple met nipple. They rubbed their hips together, each one trying to move in and grind their crotches together. Each Yang lifted her left leg into the moist area between her counterparts legs. The three grinded on each other as they fought to get into the others mouths. They squeezed themselves together, relishing in the feeling as their large breasts all met. Their strong yet soft stomachs met in their tight embrace. Once again they came all over each other.

The three dropped down and formed a triangle as they lapped at the dripping pussy that was before them. They attacked their most sensitive spots and toyed with each other the way that only Yang would know of. Their tongues probed deep as they became more vigorous. They came once again and didn't waste anytime licking at the nectar flowing from their counterparts.

They pulled themselves together and licked the cum of each other's faces. With the taste of the others come in their mouths they kissed again. "I want to see what that pussy feels like on this pussy" each Yang said pointing to another Yang. The three saw a dilemma, so far all three had been able to please the others at the same time but now they couldn't. Or could they.

The only way to describe this position is from the wonderful work of The Island 226 from the Blue versus Red Forum.

The three Yangs got into position and grinded their cunts away. They started slowly, feeling the contact of the three clits and slowly worked their way up to a smooth rhythm as their three soaked pussy's slid and ground together. The Three came in that position multiple times, reviling in the sensation of it.

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Rated: X     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Jan 03, 2018   05:32