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By a hair's breadth, by a hair braid

Episode #8622

The two Sophitia's plunged to their doom; there was nothing for either of them to grab hold of or save themselves with. This was the end, and what a strange end indeed. Falling to her death side by side with an identical twin. The last thing either of them would see was the look of terror etched on the other's face, her own face.

But then they saw hope. Just below them was another ledge, and they were falling right towards it, if they could land on it or just grab it, the possibility of survival was high.

Sophitia (both of her) braced herself as she fell towards the ledge, hoping that it didn't collapse from the sudden impact with her body.

WHAM! "Ugh!"

It hurt; falling from such a height and hitting cold hard stone filled theiesr entire body with pain, but compared to what would have happened if they'd fallen all the way to the ground, it was still the better option. That being said, both women had the wind knocked out of them by the sudden impact, and were left gasping for breath and trying to regain their bearings. But this was a mistake: the ledge they were on had a slight incline, and while they were recovering from the landing, both girls began to slide off.

"What....no...NO!" Sophitia was almost too late to realize she was in danger of failing again, and started to desperately reached out to grab something to avoid another (possible fatal) fall. "No no no no!" However, it seemed as though there was nothing to actually grab onto. The ledge was rather smooth, and there were no possible handholds for either of them to get their hands on.

Still desperate, Sophitia reached out for something, anything to prevent her sliding right off. That's where she felt something: what was that? It felt like a rope, but what would a rope be doing here?

No, it didn't matter. All that was important was that it was something she could hold on to, so she did, gripping said rope and holding on for dear life as she slid right off the ledge. She felt herself stop, just a few inches out of reached of the ledge, but....


Sophitia's scalp exploded in agonizing pain. Something was...something was yanking onto her hair. Had it snagged something while going over the ledge. Sophitia could only dangle from her newly found safety rope,  while it felt like her hair would be ripped out right to the roots.

'What is that? What's pulling...wait...no...it couldn't' As she hung, she realized there was something odd about whatever had her hair: it felt like...a pair of hands. Around the same time she found herself wondering just what this rope she was holding was, as it didn't feel like any kind of yarn or finer that would normally be used for rope. It felt like...

At that exact moment, the dangling Sophitia happened to turn turn around, as momentum had caused her to do a one 180, and she saw it: her twin, hanging from a rope...a very familiar looking yellow rope.


The two greek women could only continue to cling to the other's braid, while glaring at the other, tears forming in the corners of their eyes.

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Dec 11, 2017   02:40