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Climbing a Coiffure Cable

Episode #8629
The two greek women could only continue to cling to the other's braid, while glaring at the other, tears forming in the corners of their eyes.

There were a million things they wanted to say to the other, most of which consisted of some variation of "LET GOT OF MY HAIR YOU IDIOT!", but both knew that their situation left no room for conflict.

Looking up, they realized that if they could get their feet up, they could climb their way to a better position, but they were too low, and there was nothing for them to plant their feet against...

No. There was her.

"Stick out you leg." Both women said. They quickly realized the other had the same idea, and both of them lifted up one leg (right and left respectively), letting the soles of their feet meet each other. Then they both pushed off, perfectly balancing on the other's foot. They winced as their hair was pulled even more, but it was a necessary step. Now that they had something to balance off of, they began the equally painful (but still required) step of pulling themselves up by the hair of the other. They had to use each other's feet as footholds a few more times, but they eventually were able to climb back up to the ledge.

Unfortunately, they were quickly reminded of how smooth said ledge was. There was nothing for them to grab onto, so they had little choice but to keep using the others braided hair as a rope. With every pull, each woman feared her lovely hair would be yanked out by the roots, and they'd fall to their deaths, but thankfully, that didn't happen.

Soon, they were at the top, but still forced to hold each other by the hair to keep balance, their equal weight ensuring their position.

Sophitia and Sophitia stood forehead to forehead, hands deep in the other's hair, teeth gritted, and tears flowing from their eyes from the pain.

"I will make sure you pay for this!" One of them uttered under her breath. Not only for everything she'd been through today, but for standing in the way of Sophitia saving her children as well.

"I assure you, one of us will be paying for everything!" The other retorted,equally frustrated at the situation. She had things to do, and this women had gotten in the way of it and caused her nothing but grief.

That being said, first they had to find a safer place, and to do that require further cooperation. Both women managed to crane their heads to their right and saw another series of ledges they could climb that would take them to a more secure location. It was simply a matter of getting there.

"Well, get moving!"
"Don't order me around!"

They both growled and gave the other a slight pull on her hair out of anger. Then they started to make their way to safety.

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Dec 16, 2017   19:46