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Episode #8637
Each of the Peaches grabs their nearest duplicate and started getting it on. Four Peaches get under the covers and begin fingering each other's pussy and sharing a serious French kiss, tongue and all. The other four go into the closet, and all that could be heard were the pleasure-filled moans from one lover to another.

A white light fills the room, and eight becomes sixteen. Then another one, and sixteen became thirty-two. Each time that the Peaches split, their lust for themselves grew even more. The Peaches in the closet then returned to the bedroom since there wasn't enough space for them to keep going comfortably. Now, an absolute orgy of Peaches breaks out in the bedroom, causing them to multiply like rabbits. Now, the white light of duplication is going off like a strobe light. There are Peaches on top of Peaches on top of Peaches.

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Rated: X     Author: MoreForMe
Dec 13, 2017   16:09