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Magikoopa Eureka??

Episode #8643

Bowser was pacing around his throne room, still recovering from his injuries back on the plane. His body was covered in bandages and he had a pair of black eyes, one from each of the Peaches nailing him in the face with frying pans.

"Yes sir, what do you need?" Kamek flies into the room on a broomstick, which is completely stupid since Kamek has two good legs.. er.. feet? whatever they are.

"Any luck finding a way to reverse that stars-forsaken spell?"

"Well I've been reading up on it, your koopaness, and I think I may have found a way to reverse it's effects, but..."

"Good. Now I can fix this mess and finally sleep easy knowing there is only one Peach. Anyways, you were saying?" said Bowser.

"Well if my calculations are correct, casting this spell over Peach's Castle, the duplicate will disappear. Although, there's an unlikely chance this could go horribly wrong."

"What do you mean?"

"Well according to my spell book, the spell would act up and create more duplicates if our two Peaches were to make love to each other. I completely doubt that has happened, but in the possible event that it did, the reversal spell would cause them to infinitely multiply. And from that point, it'd be impossible to stop," Kamek explained.

"Well it's a good thing those two are at war with each other, otherwise we'd have a problem."

The two shared an evil laugh together. Although little did they know, Peach's castle was now overflowing with a lusty Peach lovefest.

Bowser jumps into a brand new clown car, and flies off with Kamek towards the castle. Kamek casts the spell on the castle. A massive, blinding pink light begins to emit from the Castle. Kamek and Bowser doing a meanacing high-five and head home.


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Rated: G     Author: MoreForMe
Dec 21, 2017   17:54