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Showering Twice

Episode #8659
Savannah stared at Sav, who was happily standing inside the shower, her body and head already wet. “Well either come in or don’t! You’re letting in a draft!” Sav said casually.

Savannah stumbled for a second before stepping into the shower stall and closing the curtain behind her. The shower stalls here at school were only about as large as a phonebooth, so she found herself quite close to this woman.

“H-how is this even possible? You’re me! Are you, like, a clone?” Savannah asked, still shocked.

“No, not exactly. Basically what happened was after the basketball game, I went to take a shower. Then I found myself in the shower with another... well, another me! We showered together and then suddenly I appeared in the shower again, but it was dry and she was gone. So I turned the shower on, then you came in. Now I’m telling you everything the other me said last time...” Sav explained.

“Last time? Oh my god, so this is like a time loop?”

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Rated: PG     Author: TheMagicBox
Dec 22, 2017   06:50