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Loop de loop

Episode #8662
“Last time? Oh my god, so this is like a time loop?” The first Sav asked.

“Yes, evetually you’ll become me!” Sav answered. "And then another you will come in and become you.

"So what now?" Sav asked, and her twin smiled.

"Oh, now I show you what you need to do when you become me, that's what!" And with that, she wrapped her arms around her twin and crushed their bodies together. Both women gave a soft moan as they instantly let their thighs go in-between the other's leg and rub her groin.

"Oh...I think I'll like being you!" Sav purred.

"I thought you might." Sav grinned again, and then pulled her twin into a deep kiss. The two women continued to rub and grind against each other as they kiss deeply, breasts smashing each other flat and nipples striking each other head on.

The Sav who'd already been in the shower moved her leg away from her twin's cunt so that she could put her hand between her legs. Sav moaned as her pussy was fingered, and tried to return the favour, but the other Sav caught her wrist.

"Sorry! You can do this one when you me!" She kissed her twin again before the other could protest, and the two women continued to wriggle and writhe together in the shower as the hot water poured over their impressive bodies.

Sav could feel herself coming, but she hated doing it alone; unfortunately (or maybe not) her twin made sure she was the one getting all the pleasure, blocking all attempts to let Sav give what she was getting.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Finally, it all gushed forth, leaving Sav weak in the knees and gasping for breath. Her double gave a quiet laugh.

"Been looking forward to that part." Having experienced it herself, she was glad to be able to return the favour. It took some doing, but she eventually moved herself towards the door of the shower, with her double now on the inside.

"Welp! That's it for me! Give my regards to myself when you get your turn!" That wouldn't happen of course, because she didn't say that when she was in this position, but she remembered hearing it said, so she said it."

She moved her hand to open the door and let herself out...

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Rated: X     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Jan 31, 2018   21:50