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Angry Orchard

Episode #8669
The Yangs finally had enough but didn't go to blows. Their anger turned into smug as one Yang's voice rose above the others. "You all might look like me but I know none of you can handle this!" She said as she manhandled her large breasts. The other Yangs looked at her as they had the same idea. She might not be able to beat herself nine times over but she could out fuck her copies at least. "I, the real Yang, would have no problem getting a few fakers like yourselves off" The other nine responded at the same time. With smug looks about all of them, they grabbed the nearest Yang and began fondling each other roughly.

Swears began flying around the room as the girls kneaded each others breasts and pinched their hard nipples through the combat uniforms. All at once the girls stopped fondling and brought there large breasts together. The Yangs grabbed their counterparts in a rough embrace as they mashed their massive orbs together. The lot couldn't deny the satisfaction they had for the sexual release but they stood firm in denying the others anything close excitement.

Soon the Yangs were rolling on the floor all trying to get a piece of one another. The swears continued as they ripped each others clothes off and attacked the flesh with tongues. Each Yang was naked revealing the fact that she found it difficult to stop her urges. They blindsided each other, if one Yang was lapping at another's pussy then her own pussy and nipples were being attacked by other Yangs. All the Yangs were somehow connected to each other, they used every part of their body to attack the group.

Two Yangs were on their stomachs grinding their hot cunts and full asses together while their tongues probed deep into another Yangs pussy who each had another Yang on top of them having a mini sword fight with their hard nipples.The Yangs that were grinding together and licking pussy used a free hand to finger the Yang on top of the Yang that she was licking. The Yangs that were getting their cunts licked were each busy fingering a Yang that in turn was using her large breasts and nipples to probe into another Yangs' dripping pussy. Those last two Yangs were having a tongue wrestling match as they poked, pulled, and prodded each others breasts.

They all gave dirty looks to each other and the only words they said when their mouths broke contact from something was usually some combination of: "Bitch, Slut, Skank, Whore, Fucker, Pussy" along with copious amounts of moaning and gasping.

The Yangs continued to attack each other and bring each other to orgasm again and again but none would stop.

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Rated: X     Author: Mr. Ocean Breeze
Jan 03, 2018   05:01