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Princesses Grapple with Daggers

Episode #8713
"I won't let you take my life!" With gazes locked, the two svelte knife welding Princesses snarl at each other. Each with one hand holding the others wrist, their chests pressed together, Zelda and Zelda struggle to bring their knife to bear, while at the same time desperately thrusting the others knife away and twisting their bodies to evade the others blade. Skilled fighters and innately graceful, as they grapple standing locked together their movements take on a dance like quality.

The princesses strain against one another, arms and knives trembling from exerting their maxmin strength, they again and again manage to bring steal blades slowly into contact with the others dress. Tiny cuts appear in the long pink dresses, and each feels the repeated kiss of steal on skin, but each time they somehow manage to contort their body, and force their opponents knife away, recieving nothing more than many tiny scratches.

Tenaciously the two shapely identical princesses in elegant long pink courty dresses attack each other, each convinced that her foe is an impostor, a forgery who thinks she can take what dose not belong to her. Each Zelda refuses to allow this, each is determined that, this time, she would not be a victim. On and on the two grunting sweating young blonde women struggle against each other, but find themselves unable to break their stalemate. However being locked together with thier bodies twisting and writhing to evade the knives, proves to have a incidisous complication:

As Sheik, Zelda had used a combination of simple bindings, and magic to conceal her feminine figure. Tetra, as she grew older, also used bindings conceal her form and keep her increased bust from inhibiting her in combat. But with their transformation into their true forms, and the slash damage to the tops of their dresses from thier first pass, the princesses slowly become aware that thier bodies are responding to the very provocitive and extremely distracting way thier unconstrained ample bosoms are pushing and shoving against each other.

"For a skinny wench you are surprisingly strong!" Tetra Zelda pants at her foe, as she suddenly becomes aware she has been rubbing her unbound breasts against her doubles for a long time and this has her nipples rock hard and her sex aching with desire.

"For a debauch floozy you are surprisingly skilled!" Sheik Zelda acknowledges threw gritted teeth, as she suddenly realizes the way they have been bumping their chests together has had a distracting effect on her body, leaving her nipples achingly hard and her sex throbbing with need. 

Both Zelda's determinidly ignore this distraction, as they twist against thier foe as they concentrating on using thier left hands to halt thier foes knife as it moves down thier body the point of the blade concerningly turning inward towards thier stomachs. Worried about their difficulty in stopping this attack both Zelda's lash out with a foot stomping on the others dress, hoping to unbalance thier foe.

"RIPP!!" The left sides of thier dresses preforated with many small cuts give way under this abuse. The Zelda with shoulder pads losses her left one, and both Zelda's discover that at some point in the struggle they had severed some of each others bra straps. For a second cool air washes over the now bare left breasts. Shocked the Zelda's suddenly twist in the oppersite direction and look down at thier chests.

"AAAHHHHH!!!" Both Zelda's cry out apprehension, as twisting in opposite directions their breasts jostle one another, first the clothed breasts brush past each other, then the clothed and bare breasts scrape past each other, finally the moment they had been dreading and anticipating since they looked down at their chests arrives, as unable to evade they thrust slightly with their chests and deliberately slam bare breast squarely into bare breast.

The collision hurts, rock hard nipples collide and are forced painfully backward into the breasts, soft breast flesh slaps stingingly against soft breast flesh, as thier brests flatten painfully against each other. The shockingly intimate collision also sends an pulse of erotic sensation from breast to crotch, disracting both Zelda's.

In the split second as their breasts recoil from the collision the downward looking Zelda's spot their foes forgotten dagger about to stab into thier stomach. Both react attempting to do multiple things similtaniously: jerking their stomack and hips backwards; trying to leap over the blade; attempting to do the splits in a tight dress; and pushing downwards hard on the others wrist.

They are just barely fast enough, the blades brush feather light over stomach and crotch, stabbing hilt deep into the skirt pulled taunt by their attempts at the splits, the Zelda's swallow as they realize the blade pieced their dress below their panties by the tiniest amount. The downwards force on others arm and the backward leap results in the daggers cutting effortlessly though the taunt dress, creating a split the dress from crotch to hem.

Having completed their desperate evasion the Zelda's pay their dues to gravity, slamming into the floor. They land, bent over at the waist, smashing each others knife hand hard into the ground. Their bare legs, spread very wide apart, strain to stop their high heels sliding wider.

"OOOWWWW!!" They both cry out in pain from their hands being slammed into the ground and the muscle strain from their crotches and legs. Their shoes screech across the floor, their legs spreading wider and wider, until with a extreme effort they halt their crotches descent inches above their foes knife hand. Furious, aroused, trapped in a awkward position, both Zelda's look up at their foe and...

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Feb 02, 2018   02:35