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Where the Dimensional Mirror ended up

Episode #8721
The mirror ended up going to many places.

It landed in a world filled with creatures known as Pokémon.
But before it could go anywhere it fell into a portal made by Hoopa.

It fell into a land filled with mushrooms and princesses.
But before it touched the ground, a Magikoopa accidentally hit a magic blast at it, sending it to another dimension.

It fell into a cheerful Dreamland with a pink marshmallow named Kirby.
However, as soon as he saw the mirror, he swallowed it to gain mirror powers.
And in his stomach is another universe.

It fell into another portal.

And another.

And another.

Until it finally fell in a world of monsters, where it didn't leave.

However, due to the excessive portal jumping it's programming messed up a bit.

Now, when a person touches the mirror it creates a copy of who touched it.


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Rated: PG     Author: Anonymously Anonymous
Jan 31, 2018   03:32