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Double La-Miia

Episode #8752
Miia was not in a good mood.

Her "darling" had decided to leave to go to a much needed vacation. After all, it was hard work taking care of so many monster girls.

However, the only place available was a local ski lodge, a place that was extremely cold. And due to Miia's reptilian nature, she would most likely die if she went along.

They did try what they could to take her, but unfortunately, the only thing that they could do was leave her at home.

Upset at this outcome, Miia decided that she would go to her room and get some sleep, hoping that it was just a bad dream.

However when she went to her room, she noticed something on the bed.

"Huh, what is this?" She thought. What was on the bed was the dimensional mirror that came to this universe, sitting flat on her bed.

Miia picked up the mirror to put it away, but now, this mirror, in it's glitched state, began to clone her.

"What is this," she thought, as she felt magic flowing through her body.
She didn't realize what was just about to happen.

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Rated: G     Author: Anonymously Anonymous
Feb 11, 2018   02:26