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Princess of Dark Fates

Episode #8809
It hadn't been long since Princess Corrin resolved to try reforming Nohr from within.  Still, she already fought many battles, and even learned of King Garon's monstrous nature through Azura's crystal.  Still, she felt horribly outnumbered, especially as she stood ready to invade Hoshido.

As she was musing on these recent events while standing on her room's balcony, something unusual suddenly happened...  A portal opened in the sky directly overhead, and the Dimensional Mirror came sailing out, passing Corrin and crashing into the furniture in her room.

Shaken and confused, Corrin investigated the wreckage of her dresser, and found the mirror propped there, facing her and miraculously undamaged. Then...

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Rated: G     Author: TheCloneOrgy <herooftehwinds @ gmail · com>
May 16, 2018   08:35