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Bewitching Doubles

Episode #8812
For too long had this war been taking place, and it seemed to be taking quite the toll on many of Nohr’s greatest warriors. Even Camilla, the eldest daughter of Garon, which was unusual considering her undying will for battle. Still, the princess was up late at night, pondering about what else her kingdom could lose in this great war.

Camilla’s late-night thoughts were interrupted, however, when her mirror began to emit a small, yet noticeable beam of light. Curious, the lavender monarch decided to investigate. Her night hasn’t been very exciting, anyway.

Upon closer inspection, Camilla soon realized this wasn’t an ordinary mirror, though that would’ve been obvious to anyone. She decided to gently press her hand against the surface of the mirror. That is, until the faint light suddenly grew brighter upon the moment of contact. Camilla looked away, covering her eyes to prevent the going blind from the drastic change of light.

“What in the gods was that?!” Asked two identical voices at the same time. Camilla immediately recognized the other voice, quickly looking up to see... Camilla. There were now two of her, standing face to face, each as confused and dazed as the other.

“H-Huh? What is— How did—“

“Are you— M-Me...?”

Both Camillas stood there, completely dumbfounded and staring into each other’s eyes.

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Rated: G     Author: BillyJenkins123
Jun 19, 2018   07:19