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Vengeful Mage, Sonya

Episode #8843
Following the defeat of Duma and her father Jedah, Sonya had set out on a journey to find a cure for the afflicted witches that were cursed under Duma's rule. After so long however, Sonya had taken up residence in Nuibaba's abode on Fear Mountain.

When she got to the house's bedroom on her initial investigation of the place, she noticed something that caught her eye. No, more than that. It was almost as if it was speaking to her, beckoning her over, as if to say that her desires will be fulfilled by it...

As she got to the mirror, she saw her reflection, her stunning outfit that fit her curves as perfectly as ever, and her rather sizable breasts. Needless to say, she was the pinnacle of beauty.
But before Sonya could admire her own beauty any further, the mirror gave off a blinding light, revealing....

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Rated: G     Author: bone-zone
May 27, 2018   18:10