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Kissing Princesses Ponder Knife Fight Etiquette

Episode #8855
   Princess Zelda is a lady, she is polite, well bred, and cultured. Her manners are proper, decorous, correct, and respectable. Her full length pink court dress is elegant and refined. Normally everything about her is immaculate. However after encountering a duplicate Zelda, two identical Princesses find themselves struggling to maintain any decorum at all, as the ladies duel each other in a knife fight:

    The Zelda's elegant courtly dresses are badly cut, the skirt of both their dresses has been split down the front from just below the crotch, the skirt part of each dress now drapes over their derrieres pooling on the ground behind them. A single fine cut has parted the front of their dresses from just below the chest down to the groin without breaking the skin, leaving a glimpse of the bare skin of their stomachs and their belly buttons on display. Between the cuts delivered in their previous exchange their dresses held together by a strip of material over their crotches, and the less damaged dress over their right shoulders. The upper left side of the dresses has been ripped apart, leaving their bare left breasts standing out prominently, many tiny knife scratches mark their previously unblemished shoulders and sides, their bra straps have been cut, and the damage almost reaches the top of the vertical slice on their stomachs. Both Zelda's are quietly relieved to confirm their exposed bare breast are completely unmarked.

    Both princesses are keenly aware that their feminine parts are fully responding to provocative stimulation their prolonged body grinding struggle has inadvertently provided. Grappling against each other, unrelenting exerting their maximin strength, has left them both perspiring, their skin is covered in a sheen of sweat,  the sweat stings their cuts, and patches of sweat stain their dresses. Their faces are deeply flushed, a flush that visibly descents all the way to their bare left breasts, the princess themselves don't know whether the predominant cause of the flush is: exertion,  embarrassment, anger, arousal, or all of those equally combined.

    The two Zeldas have landed on the floor an arm length apart, with their legs wide apart doing the splits, using their left hands to ram the others knife welding right hand into the floor, so hard that the ends of blades sink into the wood, the hilts pointing upwards. The awkward position is made more fraught, by the fact that the hilt of the others dagger is only inches below their own crotch, and their pale bare legs and high heeled shoes quiver with the strain of preventing their legs sliding wider apart. Slamming their foes dagger into the floor, has mean pulling on each others right arm and twisting slightly to the side. So slightly offset from one another, the Zelda's find their themselves leaning forward, after their prolonged exertions they pant loudly in each other ear, as their faces move past each other, they nearly kiss each others shoulder before their forward movement is halted by their bare left shoulder catching on each other.

    Very aware of how close they just came to being skewered, they are both unwilling to let go of the dagger they have stabbed into the wood, and even more unwilling to let go of the others knife hand. With their chests heaving from their workout and their left breasts jostling one another both Zelda's realize they need a pause to recover. However the position they find themselves in does not allow this, their shoulders start slide inward along each others collar bones, their erect nipples digging a furrow up the side of each others breast towards their foes nipple.

    "Not again..MMULPH!" In unison the panting princesses protested their impending nipple encounter, as they hear someone speak the same words, they turn to look at each other. They are equally shocked to find the other turning towards them, and their faces slide into each other, as without warning they find their lips enveloped by the other Zelda's soft lips. The princesses ponder the etiquette of the situation, when while doing the splits, while trying to overpower your identical double in a knife fight, and you inadvertently end up pressing lips together what is the correct thing to do? They consider turning their heads away, but that might be considered acknowledging the others superiority. They consider biting the others lips but consider that too vulgar. Then there nipples snag on each other and both the Zelda's respond with a muffled cry, widening their lips and poking their tongue into the others mouth. their aroused bodies short circuit their brains and they decide the correct thing to do is to kiss the other into submission.

    So the princesses ply each others lips with impassioned kisses, neither giving the other a chance to catch their breath, each determined to kiss the other into submission. While at the same time their arms and legs shudder with the strain of holding the position they find themselves in. their bare left breasts compress and balloon as they quiver against one another, hiding the clash of the ladies fully engorged nipples, the nipples ram into each other and gouge each others areola, distracting the princesses with sparks of pleasure and pain.  And the princesses discover, with a tiny bit of surprise, that Princess Zelda is exceptionally good kisser.

    On and on, the breathless princesses pursue their make out duel, pliable soft lips yielding sensually, invading tongues skirmishing steamily, both aware their increasingly aroused bodies are betraying them. Their foes fervent kisses thrill them with pleasant tingling sensations, rational thought increasingly difficult, and the Princesses are consumed with NEED, until...

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Rated: X     Author: Vipeout
Feb 19, 2018   02:15