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Split Snakes

Episode #8874
Miia felt a weird pain gush through her body. It was like someone was trying to slice her in half, but all at once.

Mainly, Miia felt a splitting headache, and she couldn't see well.

Finally, the pain in her head stopped, but she seemed to feel something right next to it. She turned around and saw another head just like hers.

But before she could cry out in terror, she cried in pain, as every other part of her body began splitting up into two versions of itself.

Finally, after it went through the bottom tip of her tail, she couldn't feel it anymore. She was a bit relieved but surprised that she survived. She had many questions, like "What was that?" and"Was that what childbirth felt like?".

But before she got caught up in her thoughts, she noticed the other her right next to her.


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Rated: PG     Author: Anonymously Anonymous
May 30, 2018   02:06