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Two of a kind.

Episode #8931
Lily stood in the girl’s room with her eyes staring at her phone. She wore a pair of denim shorts, a grey t-shirt, and a pair of grey sneakers with green accents.

“Where is she?” She said to herself, grateful there was no one else in the bathroom.

Suddenly breaking the stillness, the bathroom door swung open and in walked Lily’s identical twin sister, Sophia. Sophia wore a pair of grey sweatpants, a black hoodie, and a pair of grey sneakers with purple accents.

“Oh my god, Soph! You’re late!” Lily exclaimed, worried.

“Was not. Anyway, it took me a few minutes to get out of class. Miss Gale wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom.” Sophia explained.

“Bitch.” Lily snared.

“I know right?” Sophia added with a smirk. “Anyway, you ready to do this?”

“I’m all set.” Lily answered, picking up the canvas bag she had brought with her. Inside were two sets of clothes, one for each of them. Sophia pulled off her hoodie, revealing only her navy bra underneath, as Lily pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing a black bra. Just as Lily pulled something out of the bag, someone started opening the door.

“Shit!” they explained as Sophia and Lily nearly pulled each other into a single stall to change. Once they were, each girl was dressed in the exact same clothes as her twin, the same black leggings, white tank top, and purple windbreaker. Only the colors of their otherwise identical sneakers were different.

After the other student left, unable to tell the pair were in that stall together, they walked out and looked at each other in the mirror.


“I know, right? Are you ready?”

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Rated: G     Author: TheMagicBox
Apr 29, 2018   23:43