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Can This Work?

Episode #8945
Lilly smiles mentally going through how successful this plan will be. For once she likes being identical twins with Sophia, kind of.

"Wait, this might not work." Sophia spouts ruining the moment of them not bickering about something.

"What? This can't fail, even when we are dressed totally different people get us mixed up." Lilly deposits truth that has caused them so many issues through life.

"Our shoes don't match. Even if nobody else notices it Noami will. She is still angry about you breaking up with her."

Lilly rolls her eyes as she prepares to refute Sophia's paranoia but Sophia keeps going. "She will definitely notice and point it out."

Lilly waits to be sure Sophia is done then finally replies "Look we can still make this work. Even if she for some reason is going to be there at the end of the run she might be still so mad that she won't even pay attention to our shoes. If you're so worried about it then we can try something to make sure she doesn't catch on."

Lilly and Sophia look at each other silent. Sophia crosses her arms naturally as her more defensive anger shows. Working with uncertainties and making it work without worry has always been more of Lilly's way. Sophia, on the other hand, prefers to plan every small little detail and leave nothing to chance.

Lilly reads Sophia's skepticism having been the one who sees it the most during arguments that she is winning. It's obvious that Lilly will need to figure out how to win Sophia over quickly or this will end with a long argument, Sophia backing out of the plan, and of course, sharing a room in their small house will make it hard for them to stay civil. even on days, they haven't found anything to argue over rarely end without some form of bickering over something insignificant. Perhaps one day they can have the needed space to not always be in each others business and the problems will cease.

"So what's the plan then? You better not say we'll work something out, I know that means we're going to do this anyway without a plan to fix this." Sophia bluntly says with a hint of authoritarian tone starting to form. This is always the first step, before the battle of dominant personalities starts between them.

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Rated: G     Author: twinsapocalypse
May 13, 2018   00:56