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Episode #8956
"Aww, shucks" Katie bashfully says

"We think you're cute too, Nay," Emma adds forcing both Lilly and Sophia to fight the urge to verbally express their silent eye rolls.

"Just don't expect me to hug you or anything stupid like that." Naomi quickly says briskly as she checks on her makeup in the mirror.

"You always chose the winners," Sophia whispers to Lilly. Lilly already flustered glares at Sophia without a single word.

"I don't even know what you saw in Lilly. She was always so stuck up." Emma says as she teases her hair.

"Yeah, she acted like she owned the place or something," Katie adds while leaning against the very shower stall that Lilly and Sophia are currently hiding in.

"Katie! Again stop repeating what I've already said. I don't care if you try using different words to make it sound different." Emma gripes in frustration.

"Katie, Emma! What did I tell you about arguing!" Naomi shouts like a mom too children. Katie and Emma go silent. "Besides Sophia is worse then Lilly is." Naomi takes a breath to gather herself again. Lilly faces Sophia with a smirk and this time Sophia simply glares at Lilly.

"Really?" Katie quickly asks just barely beating Emma to the question.

"Really, they would always argue about simple things and I think it's simply because they like to argue with each other."

"Is that why you broke up with her?" Emma and Katie ask in sync.

Naomi's face grows red as she struggles to answer for a moment "I... Wait outside!" Naomi Demands as she refuses to look at either of them. They both look to each other in concern but quickly walk out before Naomi loses her already shortened temper.

Naomi takes a few deep therapeutic breaths, then stands up straight ready to leave.

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Rated: G     Author: twinsapocalypse
May 14, 2018   07:48