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How does that happen?

Episode #8957
"Aww, shucks" Katie bashfully says

"We think you're cute too, Nay," Emma adds forcing both Lilly and Sophia to fight the urge to verbally express their silent eye rolls.

"Just don't expect me to hug you or anything stupid like that." Naomi quickly says briskly as she checks on her makeup in the mirror. Lilly can feel a cramp in her foot beginning to form. As she adjusts she feels a tug from Sophia's leg even without Sophia moving. They both make eye contact sharing their confusion of their leggings tugging. Despite having no room to move they both make an attempt to silently push away from each other to see if their leggings are caught by something or if they imagined the tug. As they push they notice their white tank tops are also tugging on each other.

"What's this?" Lilly whispers partially ignoring the three outside the shower.

"I don't know, you brought these clothes. What was in your bag?" Sophia replies as they struggle to move in such a small space with clothes sticking together.

"Just the clothes," Lilly and Sophia continue to struggle awkwardly moving trying to gain some room. "You're making this very difficult," Lilly says as she attempts to shift closer to the stall door accident causing Sophia to bump to the shower head.

"You're the one making this harder then it has to be," Sophia yells in whisper form as she aggressively taps Lilly's shoulder

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Rated: G     Author: TwinsApocalypse
Dec 23, 2018   15:01