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The Right Twins

Episode #8961
Sophia busts the shower stall door open just as Naomi turned to leave. With her hand hidden behind the door, Sophia pushes Lily back for her to stay.

“Is that why you broke up with me?” Sophia said to Naomi, pretending to be Lily.

“Lily?! How long were you in there? Why were you... What the hell?” Naomi asked, a bit flustered. Naomi and Lily had been close, but Sophia noticed that Naomi was acting strange.

“Did you break up with me because you thought I was too commanding?” Sophia asked again.

“Um, sort of, Lil. I didn’t exactly like being bossed around.” Naomi said, feeling totally innocent.

“Yeah, no shit, no one does.” Sophia said. “Not even the Landis twins.” She added, gesturing to where Emma and Katie had just left.

“What? I’m not bossy to them. Anyway, they’re freaks. Like you and Sophia.” Naomi snapped, pointing her finger at Sophia, as if one twin represented both of them.

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Rated: G     Author: TheMagicBox
Dec 16, 2018   10:11