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Two Princesses and a Magic Mirror

Episode #8966
Just as Corrin was about to reach out and touch the mirror, there was a loud noise as her sister Camilla slammed open the door.

"Are you alright dear sister?!" she exclaimed.

Corrin, startled, replied, "y-yeah, just a bit shaken. I was thinking about how outnumbered we are, then this... thing came crashing into my room. What do you think it is?"

Camilla edged in close, deliberately wrapping one of her arms around Corrin's waist just to be as personal as possible.  After staring intently at the reflection and attempting to sense what magic was making it behave so marvelously for several minutes, Camilla finally spoke up. 

"Hmm... Marvelous!~<3"

"What is it?"

"It appears this mirror harnesses the existence of other dimensions somehow!  You know, I think with a bit of extra magic, this could help you with your conundrum..."

Puzzled, Corrin inquired what she meant.

"Well, we could use it to..."

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Rated: G     Author: TheCloneOrgy
May 16, 2018   08:47